Brick Oven Sourdough Bread

Because we cut the wood, grow the wheat, grind the flour and mix all our bread by hand, it might appear that we want to control the whole process. Really, we want to participate in the process. We don’t do all these things because it makes the best bread in the world, but because it makes good bread that is mostly from our farm and from our own labor.

What is artisan? Artisan implies craft, doing by hand, avoiding industrial processes. Baking in a wood-fired oven, mixing by hand and grinding flour all involve craft. This process minimizes industrial inputs such as LP for fuel, yeast for leavening, though we do use gas in the chainsaw.

We do not use yeast, sweeteners or fats in our breads. It is not because any of those things are bad. Our bread is not free of anything. We just make it that way because that is what we like.

Where does bread begin? Because we are involved in the whole process, how can one say? Does it begin with planting wheat, cutting wood or mixing dough? On a farm beginnings and endings get all mixed up, because all of them are happening all of the time. Baking bread one day a week, two in the summer, becomes intertwined with the rest of our farming.

Satisfaction. Not the immediate addictive pleasure from fluff and sugar, but the deeper enduring satisfaction of longer processes and relationships.

We grow, harvest and grind the wheat for all our breads right here on our farm

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