Seven—Count Them—Lambs from Two Ewes

Posted on April 14, 2010 in Animals

Ida had three sweet lambs on Easter Monday. I saw her pawing the ground at 4:20pm and by 5:30 she had three lambs up and nursing. They had a lovely little conversation back and forth-babies baa, mama baas, babies baa, mama baas. The caption reads: I am your mother. I am your baby. It is only repeated now when someone gets misplaced in the pasture.

A week later, Ted wakes me to say Erma has had 4!lambs: two all brown, one beige and one white. The dad, Axel, is dark brown and grey and I have been waiting for a colored lamb. So far all lambs have been white. No wonder Erma looked as big as a house.

Both Moms are doing a great job feeding so many mouths. Even though the pasture is growing and they do love fresh green growth, I'm feeding them twice as much hay. Nursing takes way more calories than being pregnant. Soon they can start their rotational grazing in the moveable electric fence. But for now, we'll just keep them close at hand and well fed.