Easter Sunday

Posted on April 04, 2010 in Animals

We are still waiting for Erma to have her lambs. She looks as big as a house. She waddles when she walks. She lays down while Ida continues to eat. She wonders why I keep coming out to the pasture to look at her. Because we can't wait! Lambs are the cutest thing ever.

New chicks are in the greenhouse in a stock tank battened down with chicken wire for fear of cats. Today they spent a good part of the day sleeping. First they sit and then their heads fall over and they look totally passed out. Talk about cute.

Tonight we unpacked our boxes of bee stuff; tinker toys, only bigger and with more purpose. Soon there will be 20,000 "new friends" on our farm. We took the Bee Class at the Uof MN this spring. It was a great class and even though we must be insane to add one more thing to our lives, we are excited.

Plenty of other work is happening on the farm this time of year but it's not nearly as fun to write about as baby animals.