2016 CSA Options March-December

How It Works

Each Friday morning we fill our walk-in cooler with the week's offerings. The blackboard on the walk-in has a list of everything that was harvested for that week. There is a place on the blackboard to mark your name to show that you have come. For the Early Salad Season, everything is portioned out and you will just need to grab your bags. Come summer, you will choose from the available vegetables and fill your basket. Any additional instructions will be on the walk-in door. It is a little Farmers Market inside the walk-in!

You may pick up any time after 1pm Friday-Monday evening. This year we are excited to have a new walk-in cooler dedicated to the CSA.  If you forget or life gets crazy—just call or email and we will set things aside for you. Everyone goes on vacation. If you can let us know, we can make sure your food gets into the hands of folks that need it or the Food Shelf in Pepin. Communication is the key to making this whole thing work.

How We Grow

We have been offering vegetables CSA style since 1992, and we’ve been on this farm since 1995. Growing vegetables has been our life work. Pre-internet and pre-internship, we had to just forge our way into farming with books and periodicals. We do not irrigate except in our tunnels and even there we try to used collected rain water instead of ground water. We build soil with cover crops, grazing and compost. This has allowed us to weather many drought times. We do not buy in outside fertility in the form of quick release organic fertilizer. We believe that the cycle of fertility brought about by building soil is the cycle we want to be a part of. This is farming for us. We grow for flavor, we harvest for perfection and we cool produce in the field for the longest possible shelf life.

Filled half and quarter bushels (on right)

Early Salad Season

In early February we start seeding salad greens in our heated greenhouse and then transplant them into an unheated field tunnel at the end of the month. These greens are surprisingly resilient as the days begin to lengthen. They survive some very cold nights as long as they are covered with a floating row cover. Our Salad CSA usually starts at the end of March.

6 Weeks

  • 1# Salad Mix
  • 1/2# Spinach


8 Weeks

  • 1# Salad Mix
  • 1/2# Spinach


8 week Crescendo

Salad and Spinach. More each week as the season progresses


Summer CSA

Our Summer CSA starts near Memorial Day and goes into early October. The 1/4 Bushel option can be picked up weekly as 1/4 bushel or every other week as 1/2 bushel. The 1/2 Bushel option is for weekly pick up.

1/4 Bushel

A variety of summer produce


1/2 Bushel

A variety of summer produce


40 Week Salad/Summer Combo

Eat Seasonally from March into December. Salad on both ends of the season and your choice of basket size for the regular CSA summer season.

Salad + 1/4 Bushel

Mixed salad greens and a variety of summer produce


Salad + 1/2 Bushel

Mixed salad greens and a variety of summer produce


40 Week Deluxe

Spring Salad, 1/2 Bushel Summer, 1/2 Bushel Fall-December

This option adds a full selection of fall produce: brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, parsnips, late storage cabbages and winter greens to name a few. Fill your basket from May to December.

Salad + 1/2 Bushel, May-December

Spring Salad and seasonal produce through December


A down payment of any amount automatically reserves your place. Pay in full or in installments. Please call or email.

Email info@atozproduceandbakery.com or call (715) 448-4802

N2956 Anker Lane, Stockholm, 54769